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From: Kate Murphy (
Wed Feb 7 08:37:01 2001

On 6 Feb 2001, at 19:52, brokenwing wrote: > I still can't eat anything all I have been surviving on is the
> couple Ensures
> a day. I started hurting really bad again yesterday & my abs were so
> bloated I thought I might be constipated again so I did the laxative
> thing. I have know idea how I could be constipated if am not eating
> anything. Anyway I have lost 8 more pounds in the last couple of days.
> The pain in my lower abs is terrible. I said I would not go back to the
> surgeon but they scheduled a barium enema for tomorrow
> so my husband asked me to at least have the test done even
> though I know it won't show anything. I am physically and
> emotionally tired.

Broken Wing,

Perhaps it is the Ensure that is causing the bloating, cramps, and pain. It can do that!

How about a consultation with a nutritionist who can get you on a diet that is low in residue and that is individualized for your needs.

I had forgotten if you were using Ensure because of vomiting or because eating caused you pain. Have you had an endoscopy? That looks at your stomach. There might be a problem with food moving through the stomach and into the small intestine.

You have to have a certain amount of fiber and lots of water for the bowels to move. Finding the right combination is what is hard to do.

Here are some ideas to get you eating again -- crackers, cheese spreads (I make my own in the blender with cream cheese and shredded cheddar), peanut butter, applesauce (no skins). Cookies!

You might want to avoid too much cheese if you have bloating. One common cause of bloating, cramps, and pain is lactose intolerance which lots of us get in adulthood. Yogurt is better.

Somehow you need to take hold of this disease yourself and find some ways that you -- personally -- can make a difference. Unfortunately, the doctors do not always have an answer.

Yesterday I saw my gynecological oncologist who did the surgery for ovarian cancer seven years ago. We were cheering that there has not been a recurrence, but then he got quite serious and said that we have to avoid more surgery if at all possible because the surgery is making the adhesions worse.

Good luck with the barium enema.



Kate Murphy

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