From: brokenwing (
Tue Feb 6 18:51:48 2001

Hi There Everyone, I have been reading the posts everyday. I can't seem to make it through the day without reading them. I really want to Thank you all for your help and support It means more to me than you will ever know!! I have been in really bad shape the last couple of days. I still can't eat anything all I have been surviving on is the couple Ensures a day. I started hurting really bad again yesterday & my abs were so bloated I thought I might be constipated again so I did the laxative thing. I have know idea how I could be constipated if am not eating anything. Anyway I have lost 8 more pounds in the last couple of days. The pain in my lower abs is terrible. I said I would not go back to the surgeon but they scheduled a barium enema for tomorrow so my husband asked me to at least have the test done even though I know it won't show anything. I am physically and emotionally tired. Like I said before I'm not well at asking people for things but My family and I could really use some prayers right now. I am worried about my husband this is taking a terrble toll on him!! He is the wind beneth my wings and my earth angel. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for listning! BIG PAIN-FREE HUGS!! ~Brokenwing~


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