Helen's entry regarding Good doctors

From: edward vinson (argent@hemc.net)
Tue Feb 6 15:10:38 2001

I have posted this before but if anyone is in the Atlanta, Georgia vicinity Marc Seltman, M.D. is in the St. Joseph's area and he is a COMPASSIONATE, INTELLIGENT, and WELL READ doctor, he does have a thriving practice but when you are there he is there for you-no rushing you. Dr. Seltman is constantly researching and doing his best to continue to learn. I also admire him because if you go to him with something that he recognizes but he isn't familiar or comfortable with he is not too arrogant to say, "I'd like you to go see whoever because he or she is very good in dealing with it", etc. He does that for you and not for any other reason. He is an EXCELLENT primary care physician and I respect him greatly, I have been going to him for about 12 years-I was one of his first patients and I plan on being one of his last!

I hope this may help someone.



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