Re: relief

From: Janet Karam (
Tue Feb 6 14:38:01 2001

Dear Liz,

I have had quite a bit of abdominal massage, psoas and diaphragm release. Mostly, massage has had no lasting affect, other than helping release referred pain and associated pain especially in my back and shoulders, and hips.

I do continue to get massage every other week, mostly because it gives me a sense of well is good for my spirit.

I was hanging on by my fingernails to keep practicing massage until last week(even though I was already down to 3-5 appointments a week) aggravated my condition, I realized I was only hurting myself to continue

I have spent alot of money and time trying alternative therapies, etc...while all of it has helped me a little, nothing has alleviated my condition enough for me to stop searching for something more helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion on the high-powered massager...I've often wondered if that would help or hurt my abs.



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