fluttering and then pain

From: edward vinson (argent@hemc.net)
Mon Feb 5 20:59:29 2001

I don't know if this will help but I have been trying a fairly new drug, Symax SL which is an antispasmodic and prescribed for GI and Urinary Bladder problems. I haven't had the exact symptoms as described but similar, the thing I like about this drug is it is sub-lingual and the dosage is liberal therefore when I wake up and know it is going to be a "bad day" physically I can take up to two sublingually every four hours OR if it's a good day and the symptoms start to flair up I can pop two under the tongue and they work quickly. I really like it too because I was on Levsinex and it gave me major problems with vision-mostly seeing close was blurred and I don't have much of a problem with the Symax SL because of the dosing...If you haven't you may want to give this drug a try, it is not terribly expensive for a new drug for those of you (and me) who don't have decent prescription coverage $$$...

Good Luck

In Friendship, ann-georgia

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