Janet K. regarding messages

From: edward vinson (argent@hemc.net)
Mon Feb 5 20:46:18 2001

I apologize for sounding unappreciative, I did not mean it to come across like that. When I am having a bad day; pain etc. I just have less patience then usual I guess, I again apologize for the way my message/question apparently came out. I was asking NOT because I think anyone's entry is less important than anyone else's. I was asking because this "problem" has just started and I thought it may be a problem with the site and was wondering if others were experiencing the same problem.

As I stated earlier I have learned a lot from the site and right now I am down here reading and writing because I needed a connection with others that understand. I think many on here have literally helped keep others sane and hopeful and most importantly educated on the problems we have faced or will face.

Many days I wonder how I coped without knowing about this site so I do respect and appreciate everyone that shares and I feel sharing is the only way many of us will get help, or proper help. I only wish everyone pain free days and I did not mean to offend.

Sincerely, ann-georgia

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