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Sat Feb 3 20:48:38 2001

Teresa, You are wonderful! I could never thank you enough for the help and comfort you have been to me. I am doing better today. I am just trying not to think about it. I have too many other things on my mind such as my kids, my husband, my pain...These things keep me busy. Well, it's not so much as I am thinking about the pain, it just can't be missed. And then there is the pain medicine. I can't think straight. I am GOOFY! I know we will miss my little baby. IT was fun having a little puppy in the house from the day it was born. I had never done that before. It surely hs been a learning experience. Thanks again for all your help.

Love and hugs, Jenny

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>Dear Jenny,
> Surprisingly your mother dog probably knew that something was wrong
>her puppy before you ever saw any signs. I'm sure that's why she stopped
>letting him nurse as often. Mother dogs are like us, we know when something
>is wrong with our children just by the way they look or the way they are
>acting. Alot of times we would have people come into the office for us to
>check a puppy that was only a day or so old because the mother wasn't
>care of it. Almost every time we found something medically wrong with the
>puppy. Dr. Butler, the vet I worked with, said that dogs are amazing when
>comes to smells. There are even some dogs that have detected cancer in
>owners! She may have know that something was wrong by a smell. Once, we had
>a person bring in their puppy that the mother wasn't taking care of and we
>could not find anything medically wrong with it. The owner nursed it and
>took very good care of it. When it was a little over a year old he brought
>the dog in and asked us to put it to sleep because it was extremely
>aggressive and had bitten his wife. He had tried everything, but it was
>the dog's nature. Maybe that is why the mother wouldn't take care of it.
>knows? Anyway to answer your question it is normal for your mother dog to
>act the way she is. She knew that he was sick and knew when you showed her
>that her puppy had died. I am glad that you know now that the death of your
>precious puppy was not your fault. Keep your chin up. He is now in puppy
>heaven playing and feeling great! If you need anything or have any other
>questions just let me now. If I don't know the answer I'll ask Dr. Butler
>since he calls me every couple of days just to check on me.
> Teresa

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> > Teresa,
> >
> > Thanks so much for your prayers. I have been depressed today thinking
> > the pain my puppy was in. I know it wasn't my fault he died. I just wish
> > had known the signs to take him to the vet. Of course there is no
> > that we would of made it in time. I think his mommy knew something was
> > with him. She really wasn't wanting to nurse him very much lately. She
> > hasn't even been looking for him. It's as if she never had a puppy. I
> > know if this is normal or not. When our cat had kittens and we gave them
> > away, she went around the house crying
> > for 2-3 days looking for them. Do dogs normally do that too? I have
> > had a dog that had puppies before so I don't know. I just thought that
> > she would be looking for him. She did when she was alive whenever one of
> > was holding the puppy. She would come looking for him to see if he was
> > But today, nothing. We did hold him down last night and let her see him.
> > licked his little face and then went on and that was it. But like I said
> > today it is as if she never had him. I appreciate your words of comfort.
> > know we will get through this. I just hate knowing that he was in pain.
> >
> > Lots of love,
> > Jenny

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