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Sat Feb 3 20:31:48 2001

Dear Jenny, Surprisingly your mother dog probably knew that something was wrong with her puppy before you ever saw any signs. I'm sure that's why she stopped letting him nurse as often. Mother dogs are like us, we know when something is wrong with our children just by the way they look or the way they are acting. Alot of times we would have people come into the office for us to check a puppy that was only a day or so old because the mother wasn't taking care of it. Almost every time we found something medically wrong with the puppy. Dr. Butler, the vet I worked with, said that dogs are amazing when it comes to smells. There are even some dogs that have detected cancer in their owners! She may have know that something was wrong by a smell. Once, we had a person bring in their puppy that the mother wasn't taking care of and we could not find anything medically wrong with it. The owner nursed it and took very good care of it. When it was a little over a year old he brought the dog in and asked us to put it to sleep because it was extremely aggressive and had bitten his wife. He had tried everything, but it was just the dog's nature. Maybe that is why the mother wouldn't take care of it. Who knows? Anyway to answer your question it is normal for your mother dog to act the way she is. She knew that he was sick and knew when you showed her that her puppy had died. I am glad that you know now that the death of your precious puppy was not your fault. Keep your chin up. He is now in puppy heaven playing and feeling great! If you need anything or have any other questions just let me now. If I don't know the answer I'll ask Dr. Butler since he calls me every couple of days just to check on me. Teresa

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> Teresa,
> Thanks so much for your prayers. I have been depressed today thinking
about > the pain my puppy was in. I know it wasn't my fault he died. I just wish I
> had known the signs to take him to the vet. Of course there is no
guarantee > that we would of made it in time. I think his mommy knew something was
wrong > with him. She really wasn't wanting to nurse him very much lately. She
> hasn't even been looking for him. It's as if she never had a puppy. I
don't > know if this is normal or not. When our cat had kittens and we gave them
> away, she went around the house crying
> for 2-3 days looking for them. Do dogs normally do that too? I have never
> had a dog that had puppies before so I don't know. I just thought that
maybe > she would be looking for him. She did when she was alive whenever one of
us > was holding the puppy. She would come looking for him to see if he was
okay. > But today, nothing. We did hold him down last night and let her see him.
She > licked his little face and then went on and that was it. But like I said
> today it is as if she never had him. I appreciate your words of comfort. I
> know we will get through this. I just hate knowing that he was in pain.
> Lots of love,
> Jenny


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