Re: Thankful to IAS

From: Suzy (
Sat Feb 3 02:34:59 2001

Hi Bonnie and Everyone!! I to feel very thankful for having come across this group, and it does make you realise you are not alone with our pain and all that goes with it, which i dont need to tell anyone about. I have had 14 ops now, with things only getting worse my first op went wrong with medical misadventure, which has resulted in 9 years of pure hell. I am very lucky to have a wonderful family with great support, I really dont know how or why my partner puts up with it all but he sure sticks by me. I was at the give up stage a few weeks ago after been told by yet another surgeon there is nothing we can do!! your bowel is now frozen by adhesions and they will only go in if it blocks. But on finding this group and also getting in touch with a great person from here called trace who has helped me no end already Thanks trace as I know you have your own battles to fight, but it is making me strong again in the fight for a better life! Thanks to everyone on this wonderful group thinking of each adn every one of you.

At Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Bonnie wrote: >
>My name is Bonnie. After years of suffering and feeling so alone in
>this pain, I have found wonderful support through this website. I just
>found the site about two months ago. I have corresponded with names on
>the quilt and found the most wonderful people in the world. Through the
>help of Dr. Wiseman, I was able to find the doctors in my area that use
>barriers and have expertise with the harmonic scalpel. I was also able
>to find a great friend, Kathy Lacy, who's title I only know as
>"girlfriend". But she is an EXPERT girlfriend! I thought (by my own
>assumption) she was leading this big local support group in Houston, but
>found her support extends mostly to those across the net and it seems we
>two are the "local" support group! Actually, Kat could do it all by
>herself as she is a one-woman-band. She counseled me on the phone for
>weeks, drove me to my appt. with Dr. Garza, met me in the surgery
>center, then put me up like a puppy in a room at her house, insisting
>constantly that I "stay" and "lay down". That was no puppy chow she fed
>me though. Now I am home and feeling better every day. And one thing
>that I have now, that I didn't have through my other surgeries, is
>company and support. I have the company of each and every person that
>travels through this web-site and I have at least one local person that
>understands my daily trials completely. I know that together we can
>beat this and that's more than I ever had before. Let's see if the
>healing process takes a different turn this time. I believe it will.


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