Re: Discovering the Fellowship

From: Todd Palmer (
Thu Feb 1 19:54:41 2001

Hi Robin, Welcome to this wonderful site. It has helped me cope on those days when I feel so all alone and it seems like there is no one to talk to. Family, friends, and co-workers try to be sympathetic but if they don't live it, they don't get it. Everyone here has no trouble understanding what a horrible, life altering way of life this can be. We all do the best we can and gather strength from one another. It's the best place, actually, the only place where we can come together as one. Participate, vent, or read. We all share the same trials and tribulations. We're glad you're here!

Your post caught my eye because I live a little south of St. Louis on Festus, but I work there. After being jerked around for so long, I had a lap June 1st, 2000 to remove adhesions. My OBGYN's partner did it since my doctor was out. I never got any relief from the pain. The best way I can describe it is to relate it to the pain if you have ever drank a glass of water and then tried to run. I always get a sharp shooting pain on my right side. It's just awful. I went back to him 4 weeks later and without examining me he told me that he felt the adhesions had returned and I needed to see a surgeon. Long story short, after 8 different doctors and tons of tests, I finally found one. His name is Dr. Darrell Pitt at Des Pers, Barnes St. Peters, and De Paul ( very busy man!). He is the most wonderful man I have ever met! He did the lap on Dec. 1st. A 45 minute outpatient procedure took over 4 hours and a hospital stay. He said it was REALLY bad. It was 6 months to the day after my previous lap. They grow fast! While I still have some discomfort, I feel much better. I have accepted the fact that I will have to go through this every few years. To me, sad as it sounds, I am willing to have to go through it if it gives me a year of being almost pain free. Someone had said on an earlier posting that adhesions can start to regrow 7 hours after a lap. I Believe it!

If you want to contact me personally, my e-mail is .. I hope you find this helpful! Welcome aboard!! Pain Pals, Lisa

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