Re: Giving Up!!

From: Kate Murphy (
Thu Feb 1 15:16:06 2001

On 1 Feb 2001, at 12:34, Brokenwing wrote:

> Well I just got home from a new surgeons office
> and it was the same old thing. We will not touch
> you until you have an obstruction. Take these
> pills for the pain and we will see you in a
> couple weeks. My husband got so mad and I was
> so upset that we just walked out of the office
> without making another appointment.

Dear Brokenwing,

I am sorry that you had such a difficult time in the surgeon's office.

However, surgery is not always the best answer. Adhesions can, and do, come back after surgery. New adhesions may form and the situation can become worse.

I had surgery in June to explore a new mass in my pelvis that the radiologist thought might be a recurrence of cancer. It turned out to be the result of adhesions and lots of adhesions were removed. Within a month, I was in growing pain and ended up with a complete bowel obstruction in August. I had more surgery and an infection that took months to heal.

Now, I have some new adhesion pain -- but I am managing it with NSAIDS and diet. I am determined to avoid another obstruction!

So, don't be overwhelmed with anger at the surgeon. He may have a point in his opinion. At least he is willing to treat the pain and see you again.

I wish I could help you more, but this is a very, very difficult situation to be in. I don't think the doctors are laughing at your pain or dismissing it. I just think they don't have the answer you want.



Kate Murphy

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