Re: Giving Up!!

From: ANN (
Thu Feb 1 16:27:10 2001

At Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Brokenwing wrote: >
>Well I just got home from a new surgeons office
>and it was the same old thing. We will not touch
>you until you have an obstruction. Take these
>pills for the pain and we will see you in a
>couple weeks. My husband got so mad and I was
>so upset that we just walked out of the office
>without making another appointment. I don't want
>to take anymore pills!! All I have ever wanted was
>for someone to at least try and fix the pain and
>suffering that seems to control my entire life.
>I really hate the Dr. that did this to me 6 years
>ago when he did my tubaligation, he was fresh out
>of Med school. It was supposed to be a simple
>surgery instead it turned out to be my worse
>nightmare I was in surgery for two and a half
>hours and I came out with a ceasarean cut and
>a two inch cut from my belly button and
>hospitalized over night ,then the incisions
>got infected and I was layed up for 8 weeks with
>a newborn baby and a 5 year old to try and take
>care of. I have had severe adhesions since.
>I have had adhesions removed,total hysterectomy,
>and my appendex removed and they said they flipped
>my sigmoid colon back to the left side where it
>was supposed to be??? I now have lost all faith
>in the Medical Profession! Just like my husband
>said today Drs. don't want to operate on people with adhesions because
>that would mean they would have to
>actually do some time consuming work it is much easier
>to yank something out of someone then to try and fix it!!!
>I am at the end of my rope!!! My husband asked me
>not to give up on myself but I don't think I can hang
>on much longer. I am just so tired!~Brokenwing~

Brokenwing, I am so sorry for all you have been through and I understand your anger, I have been there and still am at times. When you are in pain so much it seems like the other emotions tend to be magnified (for me) but some days I just don't care and that isn't healthy either! I understand how frustrating all of it is and my sympathy is with you, I wish I could give you a great suggestion but unfortunately sometimes you have to stick with the trial and error and I know it is hard-look at all the women looking at going to Germany, that tells you something!! Anyway don't give up there are doctor's that will do their best to help you but I do agree with your husband in many cases and it is a sad commentary on our health care professionals of today. I don't remember where you live but if you haven't branched out in your search for doctors you may want to. Give your husband a hug for being there for you and keep venting and getting informed on your condition, education and perseverance are the best weapons we have at times. Good luck ann-georgia >

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