Possible Adhesions or Ovarian Remnant

From: Mary (adamsneve@earthlink.net)
Thu Feb 1 10:49:30 2001

I have been reading the messages on this board and I feel for all of you. I have had four c-sections and my ovaries removed. When they removed my ovaries they removed alot of adhesions and they told me they would probably come back. Well it's 5 years later and I have been having severe pelvic pain for a month. I have been in the hospital twice and I feel like they are unwilling to admit that adhesions could be causing this pain. So far after A LOT of tests the only thing they see is a possible Ovarian Remnant. I am being seen through the Military so I can only go to this one hospital in our area. How do I make them see that Adhesions may be my problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreacited. I have lost 12lbs in 3 weeks and can only tolerate popcicles and liquids. It seems to me that some Dr.s really don't understand how constant pain affects their patients. They also told me to take tylenol for the pain. If I hadn't been in some much pain I would have laughed in his face. Thanks again and my prayers are with you all. Mary

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