Re[2]: cysts???

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Sat May 27 01:45:43 2000

> Also, periodically,
> her bladder falls "out" and she has to push it back in.

If she hasn't any strangulation or twisting of the bladder tell her to do an asana from yoga - Udiyanna bandha. It's very simple and safe exercise. For the rest your info is too short to advise something particular.

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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Sent: 24.05.2000 23:42:52 Subject: cysts??? ---------------------------------------------------------- you wrote: ---------------------------------------------------------- > I am a fellow adhesion sufferer. The more I learn through this forum
---------------------------------------------------------- > and through the kindness of others (i.e. Bev, Karla, and Helen) I have
> begun to suspect that my friend Beth may have the same thing----she had
> a hysterectomy due to endometriosis--she continues to have pain, not
> only in each side of her lower quadrants, but also, in her lower back.
> She has problems with her bm's and also vomiting. She has never seen
> her operative reports and I have asked her to secure these so that we
> may review them. But she does have quite a problem with
> cysts---currently she has one on her foot, on her finger, and on the
> side of her head where a bb that she shot into the end of her left
> middle finger has now relocated itself on the right side of her head by
> her ear. She did this many, many years ago---the bb could be either
> copper or lead. Does anyone know if this could be the problem or why
> she has so many cysts coming out? I do believe she is also suffering
> from adhesions----but, why all the cysts? Any ideas? Also, periodically,
> her bladder falls "out" and she has to push it back in. Any one else go
> through this? I would appreciate any help any one can give----I would
> like to be able to help my friend!!! Thanks so much!!! We are ALL in
> this TOGETHER!!!! Hope all are well!!

> --
> God Bless us ALL!!!
> Dena Lomax

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