Neighbors....well used to be!!!

Fri May 26 13:52:00 2000


Gosh darn! Wish I could go back about 19 years....has it been that long?? I used to live in Van Buren/Caribou Maine....I know you know where that is!! But to be honest, I wouldn't go back there if my life depended on it. Medical care was so poor out there....and I got tired of everyone speaking all that French Canadian and thinking I didn't understand! I had them fooled...I had taken some french classes in college and although it is quite different I still understood the basics. Actually, I found it to be quite like home...I live in northern Wisconsin and find the weather to be much the same as well as the land itself. You probably have more snow there, but I find it colder here. Do you find yourself trapped within the Canadian health care system? My sister-in-law passed away at age 31 from cancer. Her doctor in Grand Falls didn't think that people in their early 20's (that is when she began having symptoms) got least that is what he told my ex-husband and I when we met with him.

I hear so many people from this country praising the Canadian system and I just want yell and scream that it isn't what it appears to be. If it sister-in-law would still probably be here and there wouldn't have been a 3 year old and a 5 year old crying for their mommy! I hope that you have better luck and that the Canadian government can be educated so that people like you and Mary can get the care they so badly need.

God Bless!


Karla, I would LOVE to take a cruise to Australia some day...according to > the stories I heard growing up I have distant family there somewhere -

> Berrys who emigrated from Scotland in the late 1800's/early 1900's.
I've > kind of gotten bitten by the roots bug, and have been tracing as many
> branches as I can the last few months - One branch goes back to 1760
or so, > another to the early 1800's, and my dad's family back to the mid
> 1800's. Challenging to do without spending any money *LOL*
> An active mind helps subdue pain - or so I keep telling myself.
> Dena, no, I'm in Woodstock, NB, Canada - about 6 miles from the
northern > end of I-95 in Maine. Our hospital here in town is very old and very
small - > it needs renovations and new equipment, not to mention additional
> staff. They have closed the children's ward unless the parents are
willing > to stay with the child at all times.
> Nancy
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