Re: OOOPS!!!

Fri May 26 13:38:21 2000


I don't remember if my story says that I had polycystic ovaries or not....but I did. There was a really good story in Family Circle...back in January or February that explained a lot about polycystic ovary disease and the difficulties in diagnosing it. Perhaps Beth can find a copy of this story at the library. It really opened my eyes up...I even gave a copy of it to my sister since she has a 19 year old daughter who could have been the subject of the story.

Please feel free to have Beth email me.


I had wrote earlier about my friend Beth and her problem with cysts---- I > failed to mention that she had polycystic ovaries.....also, she read
> Karla's story and she felt that her story sounded like it could have
> been Beth's story!!!! Any info will be helpful!!!!
> Thanks Again!!!
> --
> God Bless us ALL!!!
> Dena Lomax
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