If You Have Bladder Problems or Prolapse

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Thu May 25 22:30:13 2000

" If You Have Bladder Problems or Prolapse "...from the book, " A Gynecologist's Second Opinion," authored by William H. Parker, M.D.

* Susan's Difficult Decision

* How Does The Bladder Normally Work?

* What Is Incontinence?

* What Is Prolapse?

* Is Incontinence A Normal Part Of Aging?

* What Is Urodynamics Testing?

* What Can Be Done To Treat Incontinence?

* Can Surgery Be Used To Treat Incontinence?

* What Is Laparoscopic Bladder Suspension?

* How Do You Decide Which Operation Is Best For You?

* How Do You Choose A Doctor For Your Bladder or Prolapse Problems?


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