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Wed May 24 12:25:25 2000

This is quite interesting! I belong to another list for those suffering from the effects of phenfen and someone mentioned MSM on there too! I mentioned this to my doctor and he laughed and said there was no benefits that would help me....unless I could convince myself that all my pain was gone and then it was a matter of it all being in my head....which we know it isn't. After my experience with phenfen I am not about to experiment putting different alternatives into my body.....I just cannot afford to take any risks. Before anyone tries anything they should contact a health care provider that they feel confident with and ask their opinions. Just my opinion. Feel free to do as you wish.


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> Sherry,
> Thank you for all the info! I will look into the pages you suggested.
> Another point researched with MSM is, if dealing with a chronic pain
> condition, the positive benefits of MSM can be enhanced with the
> addition of Vitamin C.
> Ideally, we are all stuggling for quality and quantity of life. There
> is absolutely no replacment for a healthy diet in dealing with any
> health condition. A health crisis is rarely created overnight and it
> doesn't leave overnight. It is ussually an accumulation of years of
> adverse factors to create it and it can take years of dedication and
> change to reverse it. The good thing is, we generally feel the positive
> results rather quickly.
> Keep researching! Oh, I opened one article that suggested cranberry
> juice to decrease the formation of adhesions?? Has anyone ever heard
> that before?
> Yours for better health,
> Kari

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