From: Kari (
Wed May 24 12:08:43 2000


Thank you for all the info! I will look into the pages you suggested.

Another point researched with MSM is, if dealing with a chronic pain condition, the positive benefits of MSM can be enhanced with the addition of Vitamin C.

Ideally, we are all stuggling for quality and quantity of life. There is absolutely no replacment for a healthy diet in dealing with any health condition. A health crisis is rarely created overnight and it doesn't leave overnight. It is ussually an accumulation of years of adverse factors to create it and it can take years of dedication and change to reverse it. The good thing is, we generally feel the positive results rather quickly.

Keep researching! Oh, I opened one article that suggested cranberry juice to decrease the formation of adhesions?? Has anyone ever heard that before?

Yours for better health, Kari

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