Out of our hands

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Tue May 23 15:27:07 2000

Karla, Unfortunately, unless the reader has an e-mail account with up.net, the reader cannot view the site, which you say is " a beautiful site."

I was able to obtain the following information at: http://getmail.up.net/ . " GetMail.up.net is the web interface to your up.net email. It allows all up.net members to check their up.net e-mail accounts with a web browser from anywhere in the world. In order to view anything on up.net, a person is required to enter their E-mail: ____@up.net and their Password: _____. "

Also, I have learned that -- URLS WHICH ARE TOO LONG and WHICH CONTAIN CERTAIN SYMBOLS ( such as: cgi? and = ) -- these Urls come up: NOT FOUND.

Regarding really long URLS: THE ENTIRE URL WILL NOT BE HIGHLIGHTED!! The only way these really long URLS can be functional at the IAS Message Board: is by re-posting the message with the really long URL -- and asking the reader to type the entire URL onto the address-line of their computer. This has happened to me too several times in the past!!

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