From: Kari (
Tue May 23 15:14:42 2000

My sister recently had surgery and has extensive adhesions. I am researching a protocol for her and after reading the comments on this board - thought I would share some of what I am suggesting to her.

The need for adequate levels of MSM for good health has been well established and the list of benefits is growing longer as research continues. Numerous controlled studies conducted by the Oregon Health Sciences University and the Ohio State University College of Medicine have linked MSM to the possible prevention and treatment of a broad range of health conditions. Because MSM has an anti-inflammatory effects on the mucous membranes it may be helpful for both food allergies (by helping to heal the gut) and for inhalant allergies. MSM has also be found to be helpful for acne, arthritis, hyperacidity, muscle pain and cramps, weak hair and nails, skin aging and damage, parasite infestations, and lung dysfunction.

HEALTHY BODIES REQUIRE HEALTHY CELLS MSM is an important ingredient in several of the critical amino acid chains that are the flexible bond between proteins. Commonly know as a bioavailable organic sulphur compound, MSM is a nutrient that is essential for maintaining the strength and flexibility of proteins throughout the body. MSM helps maintain the integrity of connective tissue and prevents the cross-linking of proteins that can cause hardening of the skin and connective tissue.

We are only as healthy as our cells. Our bodies continuously work every second to replace old, damaged cells with new, healthy ones. Cells built with healthy amounts of MSM are more pliable and permeable, allowing the normal flow of fluids to move through tissue more freely. Without adequate levels of MSM, this cellular building process suffers, risking the formation of weak cells that are rigid and possibly deformed which could lead to a greater risk for developing many chronic health problems.

I'm a firm believer in cleaning the body and feeding the body in order to maintain health.

Other things that I would see as beneficial for adhesions are

1. Enzymes - They are the catalysts for every biological function and are essential in the digestive process.

2. Probiotics - Anyone who has had surgery, has had an abundance of antibiotics and antibiotics do exactly what they were designed to do... they kill bacteria. This seriously alters the balance of friendly flora bacteria in your system and reduces immunity. The friendly bacteria in your digestive tract work hard in competing for residency against the bad bacteria and candida. This can serious alter digestion, bowel transit time and general health. 3. Tocotrienols - the highest form of natural vitamin E. The benefits for reducing scarring are well documented. 4. Vitamins/Minerals - these are the cofactors for making sure your system is functioning properly. 5. Water - can't say enough about how much we need it.

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