Re: tracy

From: Robin (
Tue May 23 08:28:00 2000

I have constant pain & then sometimes I have the sharp knife-like pain as well. I have also had bladder problems. When my bladder gets full, I have more pain. It doesnt hurt when I urinate, but I have a pressure building pain until the flow starts & then it eases up. I seldom have intercourse also, but it isnt because it hurts at the time, but because, the next day my pain is so much worse. Resently I found out that I probably have irritable bladder syndrom & a hernia at the edge of my scar from all my other surgeries. I also have tendonitis in both of my knees, but the left one is worse, it is also the left side that I have more pain. When my knee hurts really bad, it seems like the pain in my abdomin is worse. Robin

At Mon, 22 May 2000, wrote: >
>I have pulling pains in my lower right & left abdominal quadrants, I have a
>very sharp constant knife-like pain in my lower left quadrant. When I have a
>full bladder, I get a pulling pain, like attached to my bladder, it actually
>pulls/hurts when I urinate. I DEFINATELY have adhesions attached to my lower
>bowel. Sometimes, when I have a bowel movement it feels like a
>pulling/ripping. Then, afterwards, there is a spasmatic, pulling pain,
>sometimes for hours. I don't have intercourse anymore because I can't stand
>having anything inside me. That pain is indescribable. Pulling, knife Awful.
>I am on 145 mg of MS Contin 3x per day, with Loritab 10mg as needed for
>breakthru pain


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