From: Chuck Butman (Chuckbcpa@email.msn.com)
Tue May 16 10:26:28 2000

I hope that I can answer your questions. You have been so helpful to me and to all those hundreds of people that have written to you and I want to thank you for that. On my trip to Germany, the plane fare was only 500 round trip as I went in the winter. The surgery was somewhere around 2,000 dollars. No, he did not take a video but he did take pictures. You can imagine what massive bowel adhesions look like. I have a full surgical report. He wanted me to stay for 10 days in case he had to open me up so I booked the flight for that long. He was able to remove the scar tissue and all the adhesions by the scope as he had hoped and so he let me go after 5 days. My best friend lives in Munich and so I took the train across the country and stayed with her for the remaining week. Yes, I went alone. Scared out of my mind, but Dr. Korell's secretary got a hotel room for me in Duisburg for the arrival night. I had to take the s-bahn train from Dusseldorf to Duisberg where Dr. Korell is chief of gynecology. I had a great time in Munich but I goot severely homesick because my pain was so bad. Remember, he had to cut off the top of my vaginal wall to get at the nueroma. Ouch. Otherwise, the surgery would be much less painfull. If you have any more questions, let me know. And feel free to e-mail him. He has written a book on laparoscopy and considers himself to be one of the 2 best in the world. His success rates are not at 100 % with the intergel yet. I was given a 15% chance for them all to return and was told that for certain, some would come back and I can't remember the rest of the numbers. He told me that he knows Dr. Wiseman well. I was a bit surprised. Yes, that is my new E-mail address and please send it on to Dr. Wiseman. I e-mailed him on my return from Germany with regards from Dr. Korell but he wrote back to someone named Helen so I don't thik he knew who I was. Take care and feel free to contact me again. Joanne

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