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From: Helen Dynda (
Tue May 16 09:48:04 2000

Jaynie, I have purposely edited My Story to see if I could figure out why you had problems in posting your story to the Adhesions Quilt. I will list the steps here...and if you are still having problems let me know:

1.) Click: Adhesions Quilt ( at the top of this webpage)

2.) Click: Edit My Story ( to add to or change your story )...which is to the right-hand side of your name.

3.) Enter: your password. If your password is: Iamhaving ... Enter only: Iamhaving

4.) Complete the list of items to fill in.

5.) If you do not want to be on the " mailing list" ... un-check the box ( to the left-hand side of those words )

5.) Now you are ready to either write your story, add to your story, or change your story.

6.) If you want your story to appear in paragraphs, type in the following at the end of each paragraph: <p> This symbol will automatically arrange and enter your story in paragraphs on the Adhesions Quilt.

7.) Click: Submit (when you are done writing your story)

8.) Your entire story should now appear on the Adhesions Quilt

- - - - - - -

Helen, I have typed my story 5 times and can't get it to post. I get a letter saying to contact the webmaster. But I can't do it the way they say to do it. Or I don't know how. Was it not workng for awhile ? Thanks Jaynie

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