Re: Amazed and Blessed

From: Jaynie Jarvis (
Tue May 16 03:15:05 2000

At Tue, 16 May 2000, Bob wrote: >
>On May 6th I posted a message "searching for help." To me, this website
>was the last house on the block for shelter and hope. To this day I
>still cannot believe the response we have received. Through this
>website we both now have the hope that caring people do still listen and
>help. So many have shared their story with Pam, ans myself, that the
>thoughts of this being in her head have left. I have discovered that an
>answer we received from 1996 was not true and the problem was never
>relayed to the surgeon. Pam has received so many responses and answers
>regarding the adhesions, she is still at times stunned. I have seen
>hope return to her face again, even while still in severe pain. Bev has
>managed to complete what has fallen on deaf ears for the past few years,
>in a matter of days. To everyone that has responded to my plea, I can
>never tell you how much it has helped, words seem not enough, but that
>is the best I can do for now, so THANKS!!!!!!! Pam is scheduled for
>surgery in Scranton near the end of June. She has had some of her
>medications changed and is back in focus once again. We will keep
>everyone posted as this progresses. For those still waiting, keeping
>praying, your needs will be answered.
>Again, thanks for the e-mails and the conversations letting us know we
>are not alone in this battle. In Friendship, Bob and Pam
>Bob Markford

Bob and Pam I know what you mean by "STUNNED". When I first got webTV I typed in "Adhesions" and it came up on the screen , I sank in my chair and felt pinned there. I couldn't believe my eyes. And finally I was sure it wasn't in my HEAD ! I too am working on going to Scranton. I have a very bad back pain these last 2 months so Dr Redan thought maybe my intestines were stuck to my back. I had to have a "barium enema". It was terrible. I told him "I'll die before I do that again." Hopefully I can make an appt. now. I have 2 people on hold to go with me. You knowit is summer and everyone has plans I have to work around. Some day I WILL HAVE PLANS TO HAVE FUN TOO !!!! RIGHT GIRLS AND BOYS ! Stay in touch . Jaynie

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