Amazed and Blessed

From: Bob (
Tue May 16 01:20:39 2000

On May 6th I posted a message "searching for help." To me, this website was the last house on the block for shelter and hope. To this day I still cannot believe the response we have received. Through this website we both now have the hope that caring people do still listen and help. So many have shared their story with Pam, ans myself, that the thoughts of this being in her head have left. I have discovered that an answer we received from 1996 was not true and the problem was never relayed to the surgeon. Pam has received so many responses and answers regarding the adhesions, she is still at times stunned. I have seen hope return to her face again, even while still in severe pain. Bev has managed to complete what has fallen on deaf ears for the past few years, in a matter of days. To everyone that has responded to my plea, I can never tell you how much it has helped, words seem not enough, but that is the best I can do for now, so THANKS!!!!!!! Pam is scheduled for surgery in Scranton near the end of June. She has had some of her medications changed and is back in focus once again. We will keep everyone posted as this progresses. For those still waiting, keeping praying, your needs will be answered. Again, thanks for the e-mails and the conversations letting us know we are not alone in this battle. In Friendship, Bob and Pam

Bob Markford

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