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Has your wife had her surgery yet? If she hasn't, please share the date when she will be having her surgery - so that your friends, who post messages on the International Adhesions Society Message Board, can keep her in their prayers. Best wishes to her for a successful surgery and a complete recovery!

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At Thu, 11 May 2000, Richard Hagen wrote:

My wife had it used on the last surgery. If it worked at all, it did a little.


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Have you heard of a product called Seprafilm? It's a bioresorbable membrane that has been clinically proven to reduce adhesions. It's primarily used by colorectal surgeons (because they see the benefits of using it more than any other surgeons--and the clinical champions are trying to get general and obgyn surgeons to be aware of the products' efficacy).

It's definitely something worth asking a doctor about, and doing further research on. It's made by a company called Genzyme.

I just started working for a company that is an innovation institute for a major consortium of hospitals in the US. My background is US Naval Officer (not healthcare!)--and my mother-in-law suffered severe pain from postoperative adhesions several years ago. Of course, her doc told her it was not unusual. Anyway, I am learning more and more about Seprafilm as it is an innovation that has demonstrated efficacy in the reduction of adhesions. If your wife receives further surgical treatment, Seprafilm might be a consideration.

I have no commercial interest whatsoever, but I will say this, if I have any abdominal surgery, I will ensure the surgeon uses the stuff on me.

-- Ron Preiss, Austin, TX

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