surgery again

From: sheila (
Tue May 9 15:07:48 2000

I am 44 yr. old, have had two c-sections and hysterectomy all using same incision, plus appendectomy and gallbladder surgery (before it was done laparoscopically). I had lap. surgery for adhesions about 3 years ago, and am now told I need it again. I had had pain in right side, under the gallbladder scar, for past two years but lately am having lots of bloating, pain when I eat, feeling of fullness, and have lost 14 pounds in past six months. Much of the pain is associated with movement of bowels, but I still am able to have them. My question is, how do you know when you are getting a bowel obstruction? This is what my dr. told me I was going to have eventually.

I am concerned about the chances of surgery helping at all, and don't want to go through it if I can avoid it.

Any advice would be appreciated,


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