Re: pain

From: Robin (
Tue May 9 09:15:01 2000

A year before my hysterectomy I had just about the exact same symptoms. I would have pain for about 3 weeks out of the month. My periods were extreemly heavy with lots of large clots. When I had my hysterectomy, there was actually something wrong with my uterus, but I also had scar tissue. A lap is the only way for them to find out if it is scar tissue or not. It could be scar tissue since you did have a c-section, but they also may find out it is something else, but you wont know unless they go in & look. Robin

At Tue, 9 May 2000, Amy wrote: >
>Eight months ago, I had my first c section, and a tubal.
>Three months ago, I started having pain near my belly button, (right
>side), that starts on the same day my period starts, and will last about
>2 weeks. It hurts the same way a pulled muscle would feel. I went to
>my ob dr the second time it happened. He did an external and an
>internal u/s. The results were negative for any type of tumor, polyps
>He said that scar tissue would not show up on the u/s and a lapandoscopy
>would be needed. He put me on birth control pills for 3 months to see
>if the pain is associated with my now, very heavy, some times clotty
>periods. The pain this month is the worse yet. I can now feel it when
>the area is pushed, when as before I could only feel it when bending,
>lifing, pushing, etc. Does this sound like it could be scar tissue or
>am I looking at something else. The pain will go away, until my cycle
>starts again. You are welcome to email me, if you would like. Thanks!


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