Re: Waiting for a diagnosis

Tue May 9 08:42:51 2000

RE: Acute Pain Dear Anonymous, This is a happy ending tale of an acute pain attack. I too have had a hysterectomy due to years of endless pain and a diagnosis of endometriosis& adhesions etc, etc. While I have a constant knifelike, daggerlike, spearlike pain in my lower left side that worsens with activity, sex, or whenever it darn well feels like, I also have "attacks" of extremely acute pain. I've found that it's good to (if possible) try to figure out what kind of pain it is, a pulling, a stabbing, a twisting, whatever. This helps me decide whether or not I go to the hospital, or take extra medication. The strangest yet was recently, after sitting most of the day and evening, @ 9:00pm I started to feel this extreme pain up inside, like (sorry!) up my rectum. It was a pulling, streching, hurting AWFUL pain. It was definately a "go to the hospital pain". I thought it was a bowel movement but it wasn't. I started crying at the thought of going to the ER AGAIN, and then it popped in my head, "Wait a minute, this just came about suddenly, you have adhesions running from your bladder to your abdominal wall, to and from your rectum and lower intestines, the picture that the pain brought to my mind was a loop of intestine that was resting, slinglike, ontop of an adhesion that was pulling on my lower bowel. So, I stood on my head. Actually, I got on my Mom's bed, which is rather high and hung off the edge, upside down. I figured that gravity would dump it off the adhesion. It worked. The pain gradually went away. I guess I'm just lucky that I didn't dump it ontop of some other adhesions. I wish all of my attacks resolved so suddenly.

Good luck in the hospital. I will say a prayer for you


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