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From: Igor Gudymenko (
Sun Apr 30 01:13:14 2000

Dear Vic, you wrote: > I form horrible keloids. My scars are not pretty neat white
> lines...they are raised bumps that stay furiously red for
> years...sometimes always staying red (not just surgical scars).

That's not awful at all. Be calm. It's just a sign of the perverted immunity. The upper half of my midline scar was also of keloid tissue. Now just top 2 cm of total 17 are a bit swelled but rather soft.

> I am in the process of organizing all the data I"ve collected over the
> years. I have two "retired" physicians who are willing to help go over
> the data and would really like to gather more statistics.

> The number of people who've been harmed is incredible. It's not just
> during surgery for adhesions...but oftentimes the injuries were related
> to adhesions. I've also seen many people harmed because they would not
> be listened to...because the doc knew best...I know there are several
> issues here...I have to practice isolating them. Basically I"d like to
> see us all become informed consumers. We often know our bodies better
> than anyone else. We really should have a voice...

> I met a whole group of men who were suffering from symptoms of adhesions
> too. They formed a support group...they had all the symptoms of
> adhesion problems and had complications seeming to stem from
> adhesions...yet had never heard of them.

It's wrong way. You'd better to collect positive statistics and try to analyze it and use for own treatment. There are lots of alternative methods. Don't stick in the conventional medicine if you can't get anything hopeful from it..

> Water: sorry 'bout that. Yes, I do drink that much. I tend to
> dehydrate if I don't. I toss in electolytes periodically as they seem
> (from blood tests) to really get off balance. Part of this may be due
> to heat, medications, my personal body, bladder injury, and my bowel
> injury. I've been told that because now I have large section of bowel
> missing that it's easy to dehydrate...I've not really looked into it but
> don't want to take chances (and I have been treated for dehydration
> several times). Geez...I didn't think it was that much
> water...sometimes I can drink more...I was out shopping one day and in
> less than half an hour drank a gallon. I have no
> edema...not overweight...I"ll check with the doc although he knows I do
> and encourages it. I take lots of vitamins etc...

There are many 'type' of liquids and not all of them are acceptable for our body easily. The body has to convert it into usable form. There is such definition 'a structured water'. It means that liquid contains electrolytes in form of the special (natural) structures. Usual water from the plumbing is dead in fact since it was filtered and rectified with hard-to-predict outgoing substances. An aerated or artifically mineral water is even worse. Spring water is the best. Fine source is potions of herbs since numerous herbal substances move to solution and make special structure of the potion liquid during long infusion. Fresh juices is 'the most natural' source of 'structured water'. During post-surgery period juices are absolutely essential part of the diet. Huge consumption of usual water can cause demineralization. Although you take pills I'm sure it helps you hardly. Then it hurts your vascular system and heart. They have to pump all that water out of your intestines and get it to your kidneys. They do incredible work every day! Then your kidneys and bladder.. Well, I think I've to stop here since it would be too long to explain further things... To be short, Vic, change quality of liquids you usually take.

> Surgical history. Approximatly 12 surgeries in the course of my life
> both laparotomy and laparoscopic. Adhesion formation after all. First
> time they went in no adhesions. second time some adhesions. third time
> don't know. Fourth time obliterated by adhesions. Fifth time c-sec.
> sixth time unreal amount of thick, dense vascular adhesions. seventh
> time c-sec. Eighth time told going to get worse with surgery...never
> have scope done...laparotomy only if life threatening sympt. ninth new
> doc didn't listen...tenth-life saving surg. eleventh...doc wanted to
> "make it up to me"...twelth Life-Saving due to damage ...need more
> surgery due to other injuries sustained during the ninth and eleventh
> surgeries...can't do it though. Was initially refused proper life
> saving treatment...treatment I was reccomended would have killed me. I
> sought opinions...not treatment...from over a dozen docs across the
> country...many professors...conclusion: the doc was correct after the
> eighth surgery...No More!!

Vic, do stop seeking 'who's guilty'. Try to turn to yourself! Believe in own strengths!

> There are people who suffer life threatening complications... some
> can't be helped...many could have...I've listened to the
> stories...People have died too...some from the surgery, some because
> they were not listened too, some due to arrogance, some because they
> were sent home from ER's without proper diagnostics.
> I have a friend who suffered for years from what she suspected was
> adhesion pain...She was to have a vaginal hysterectomy...I believe with
> scope assistance not sure...Anway she pleaded...begged for a laparotomy.
> The doc said Nope...your insurance will not cover it. She cried...she
> told him you just don't understand...She was worried about her
> bladder...Well, the outcome was she suffered injury to her bladder...she
> is still having problems...she's been walking around with a catheter for
> quite a while...uncomfortable...humiliated...doc isn't sure if things
> will be okay...other damage too. The doc said...I am soooo sorry.
> Apologizes every time he sees her and feels really bad. He asked, well
> how did you know I couldn't do surgery this way? She ended up with
> horrible infection too. When the doc went in he was not prepared for
> what met him...even though his patient tried to tell him...she's not a
> doctor...she didn't have the proper words.

That's a typical case. I've heard about tens of similar cases. Maybe were different names, different countries, different diagnoses and even different medical methods and techniques but the very core of the subject was the same. I've heard the idea here on this forum that docs are jerks. And that they just try to do experiments with our health. I'm not sure. First of all, they save our lifes during surgery in fact and we have to thank them. Then, the recovering period is our own business. If we want to be 'lab rats' so we can return to a hospital. But if we don't, we have to think about our future health and to seek possible alternatives..

> Well I just rambled on huh? Sorry everyone. Bad morning today though.
Not at all, Vic. That's all right.

> I wish good health to all of you!!

And to you too!


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