Re: About 'ligature' for Marri Elen & 'hernia' for Gina

From: ken kissane (
Fri Apr 28 11:11:33 2000

At Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Igor Gudymenko wrote: >
>Dear Merri Ellen and Gina,
>Merri Ellen wrote:
>> Interesting development...I have a dip in one of my incisions. What
>> used to be flat has now seemingly been sucked below the natural line of
>> my abdomen, in direct alignment with a pull/stabbing pain.
>> ---^-------V---
>> This is my weak attempt at explaining what has happened.
>> The ^ is where a ?suture? has resurfaced after 11 years. The V is where
>> a half inch section has been dipped. Do you think this could be
>> adhesions pulling on the incision line? Has anyone ever heard of such a
>> thing?
>As far as I know you described "normal" reaction of your body to ligature
>material. After my first obstruction I had some problems with my
>appendectomy stitch. The thread pieces had surfaced twice and I had
>to see surgeons. They told me that it's "normal reaction" and nothing to
>scare. "Some piece is surfacing, other one can sink". I asked if it was
>caused by adhesions and they told if to say about abdomen it's impossible
>to tell anything certainly. "It's just your reaction". Later I also
>read that it depended on reactivity of our body to outer agents. In
>a nutshell it's a variant of allergy. It can happens even in many years
>after operation like in your, Merri, case. Also, my brother underwent
>two operations and after several years ligatures surfaced from the leg,
>where adhesions don't "breed". But in other place he had a dip like you.
>If our organism has been weakened so our immuno-reactions are weakened
>too or even perverted (like adhesions formation or ulcers during UC or
>Crohn's). As far as I remember the brother had those problems with the
>leg in late winter/spring when usually our immunity is decreased.
>After each obstruction the upper part of my midline scar was keloid and
>quite rigid as well. BTW, in many sources I read there was the certain
>correlation between keloid scars and adhesion formation. :(
>I thought if certain our organ suffered from certain kind of allergic
>reaction the best option was normalising of the metabolism in that organ
>through providing detoxication of that area.
>So I tried to implement that idea. I knew if the idea was correct I
>would get some cleansing reaction. And I got it indeed. :) It was large
>and quite unpleasant rash near my all incisions (drain incisions too)
>for some days.
>It told me the method were working and also pointed to "most sick areas"
>as I thought then. :)
>I laid those compresses on all abdomen area for all night (before sleep)
>from July till maybe November and later had no problem with my incisions.
>Now my midline stitch is soft and a half of that keloid has resolved and
>it got very soft by itself too. So now I even don't worry about it.
>Merry Ellen, I think if your incision is not painful you haven't to worry
>about your stitch too. :)
>Gina wrote:
>> I have noticed that if I press on my incision scars, it feels like there
>> is nothing under them! As if I could press straight thru into my
>> middles! Must be where they cut through the skin, fat, etc and it hasn't
>> all filled in yet. Now I see why it's so easy to get a hernia of bowel
>> into the incision from underneath, and why they tell us to rest rest
>> rest.
>In nearly every surgical source among other reasons I always saw all
>authors underlined the main reason of a hernia - weakness of the muscles
>and insufficient blood circulation in the aponeurosis.
>I have a hernia in the incision after appendectomy and the lowest part of
>the midline stitch was quite weak. To be true, hernia was not my largest
>problem, but I understood I did not need it too. So I had to solve.
>Luckily I happened to read an interesting case description. They said
>about a man from Bulgaria. He was 70+ years and had two! serious hernias,
>but refused surgery. He started to do some physical exercises. In 3 or
>4 years he won national Bulgarian prize in weight lifting in aged category!
>I looked at those exercises and was astonished. They were very simple.
>Moreover I had knew them for many years and maybe looked down at them
>before. :( :)
>But I believed the info then and also started to do simplest exercises
>and later they have been getting more complicated and effective. Day
>after day, step by step.
>Now I do various exercises without any fears and even can carry my wife
>(120 lbs) :) :) :)
>I suppose moderated physical activity is one of two methods how to avoid
>a hernia or if a man has have it - how to avoid any trouble with it.
>Best regards,
>Igor Gudymenko

Tell me what you know about hernia adhesions after the operation to fix the hernia. Thanks

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