Re: quest colonoscopy experiences

From: Gloria (
Wed Apr 26 21:00:49 2000

At Tue, 25 Apr 2000, JIM wrote: >Hi Jim. Two years ago my doctor attempted a colonoscopy -- the instrument could not pass through. He tried a child-sized scope, but it wouldn't work. I have to tell you, I thanked him over and over for stopping the procedure. Even with generous amounts of valium, I was in pain. I had a lap done and found then that my adhesions are severe and my bowels are anchored at several points, as well as grown together. For your own good, Jim, please think this over. A bowel is an easy organ to perforate or tear. I'm sure by now Helen the angel has contacted you. There are good doctors who are well versed in treating these things -- hold out for the voice of experience. let us know -- Gloria

>I am believed to have adhesions resulting in intermittent small bowel
>obstruction. My doctor plans to give me a colonoscopy on Friday in an
>effort to check for any problem areas and to try to jar the adhesions
>loose from the inside.
>He says he has had some success with this procedure and it avoids
>surgery. Has anyone else had any experiences with this procedure for
>Jim from Milwaukee


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