Re: Could this be adhesions?

From: Gloria (
Wed Apr 26 20:51:01 2000

At Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Angela wrote: >
>It has been 1o months now since I had a hysterectomy(kept ovaries) and
>ant/post repair done.
>On many occasions from about day 2 post-op I have had periods of pain
>mostly around my lower right abdomen, but also moving up to my hip at
>times. It ranges from a dull to sharp, 'knotty' type pain, and
>sometimes a feeling of being pulled inside. It appears to be worse on
>movement, particularly after sitting and then suddenly standing. I also
>have a tender spot just above the bikini line, slightly towards the
>Sometimes I feel it is related to bowel problems. After having it
>almost constantly for a week recently it quickly disappeared after a
>bowel movement.(My diet is reasonably good and I try to drink lots of
>Does the pain from adhesions come and go or is it constant?
>I would appreciate any comments.
>Thankyou in advance.

Dear Angela: Sounds very familiar to my own experience. And I do feel for you. I am in the midst of trying to get help for my own adhesion/bowel problems at the time and it's hard to get anyone to believe you. I wish I had some advice, but I don't. In fact, if anyone out there knows any good words of wisdom, pass them on to Angela and me, as well. Take care, Gloria


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