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> I am believed to have adhesions resulting in intermittent small bowel
> obstruction. My doctor plans to give me a colonoscopy on Friday in an
> effort to check for any problem areas and to try to jar the adhesions
> loose from the inside.This cannot be done without causing further distruction to tissues. You have much more to learn about ARD if you think this will be an effective ttreament for you. I fear this Dr. doesn't have a clue as to what adhesions are about. Show him this letter, Jim, and before you have that might be in your best interest to find out just how adhesions connect, , if you have adhesion, they are not only wrapped around the intestines, they are connected to other organs as well. Adhesons form due to tissue distruction, and bleeding, what do you think might happen if he
" tairs" the adhesions from the attached organs..bleeding? Tissue distruction? Do you think it could be painfull, cause futher damage to you, does this Dr. have a good handle on understanding & treating adhesions? Why does he think this will work, has it worked for others with your disease, can you talk to others who he has treated for adhesions this way? Jim, those are the thimgs you must do for yourself to keep you safe and to keep you from unneccesary sufferring as well as further dmamge. What results your looking for with this procedure? > He says he has had some success with this procedure and it avoids
> surgery. Ask him what the exact results were for these other patients...can he give your name to the other patients so you can talk with them before the test? Has anyone else had any experiences with this procedure for
> adhesions? Yes, many have. In most cases, the colon was narrowed thus creating some difficulty in passing the instrument pass areas that were constricted by adhesions on the external bowel. yes, the Dr. forced the scope pass thses restriction thus causing adhesions to tear away from the colon, and at times it cause the adhesions to tear away from any other attached organ..all resutling in terrible pain that was worse then before. It also created very painful bowel movements from then on, that symptom was not suffered by the patient prior to that test. Please discuss these possibilities with your DR. before you have the proceedure, Jim, they are not to willing to share these things before the test and of their own accord!
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