Re: Request colonoscopy experiences

From: Robyne Hinks (
Wed Apr 26 02:21:46 2000

Dear Jim I had a friend that went through the same as you plan and she had to be rushed backed to theatre only hours after as her bowel split because it could not stretch open enough.She ended up with a stoma for four months and then they will try to jion her bowel back together and hope it works so please think about this carefully.

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> I am believed to have adhesions resulting in intermittent small bowel
> obstruction. My doctor plans to give me a colonoscopy on Friday in an
> effort to check for any problem areas and to try to jar the adhesions
> loose from the inside.
> He says he has had some success with this procedure and it avoids
> surgery. Has anyone else had any experiences with this procedure for
> adhesions?
> --
> Jim from Milwaukee

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