Re: For the chronic pain person --- For those who live with a chronic pain person --- For caregivers

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Apr 20 14:22:05 2000

There is no question that every adhesions victim is set-up for stress...and as a result of stress:

1.) * We feel more pain.

2.) * Our families and relationships are affected.

3.) * Our lives become more difficult. The list goes on and on....

Endometriosis is mentioned in some of the articles (below); but all of us, who post messages on the International Adhesions Society Message Board, are very aware that endometriosis and adhesions have a lot in common.

1.) Both adhesions and endometriosis cause their victims chronic, debilitating pain!!!

2.) NONE of the following diagnostic tests will diagnose adhesions nor endometrisis: blood tests, CT-scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, X-rays, etc. The ONLY way in which adhesions and endometriosis can be diagnosed is by a diagnostic laparoscopy, which is a surgical procedure.

3.) Many doctors DO NOT understand and DO NOT acknowledge that both adhesions and endometriosis can cause chronic pain for their victims. As a result these doctors tend to treat us as if our pain is psychological... that our complaints of pain are " All in Our Heads!!"

4.) Some of us have been to doctors who agree that both adhesions and endometriosis can cause chronic pain; but we are then told that we "have to learn how to live with it (our pain)"...that there is nothing more that can be done...unless we are experiencing a bowel obstruction!!

4.) As a result of the difficulties we have had in trying to get a helpful and accurate diagnosis, eventually we sense that our families no longer believe us. We are well aware of how difficult it has been for our families...and we feel so helpless to know what we can do about it.

5.) Eventually we begin to sense that our friends are also abandoning us. We begin to feel so all alone...and helpless to do anything about it.

6.) After all these doors have been closed, we begin to feel trapped!! We no longer know what to do!! We have exhausted all avenues of HOPE!!!

7.) Then one day we learn that there are surgeons who specialize in trying to help people who have difficult surgical problems as a result of adhesion and/or endometriosis.

But then we learn that we have to travel great distances in order to receive this specialized surgical care. We learn how costly this surgery can be. We learn that our health insurance will not be there to help us. We learn that even with the very best surgical help and the use of an adhesions barrier...there are no guarantees!!!

8.) Since it is apparent that we cannot afford specialized surgical help, there is only one door which is left open for us: to seek pain relief with the assistance of a pain management program at a pain clinic...a topic which is too lengthy to post at this time.

[] Here are the websites to the articles, which I mentioned above. Perhaps you and your loved ones will benefit from the wisdom in each of the following articles:

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8.) ...And He Will Give You Rest...your monthly support newsletter

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