Re: Painful and alone

From: augusta (
Thu Apr 20 13:04:54 2000

n she is on and I get on, she jumps off quickly. >My husband too, is losing his patience with me when I don't feel good. I
>feel so frustrated and alone. I have to find my way by myself. The
>pain block sounds like it will not work but if I do not go through with
>it, my doctor may drop me thinking I just wanted pills! You all know how
>that goes when you have non-malignant pain. I will also have to find
>someone to drive me to the clinic for the block because I will NOT put
>anyone out because of my problems. I am ready to shut them all out!!
>Anyway, I have an appt. with my oncologist today...hope the blood work
>comes back good. One good thing, she believes me about the adhesions
>and she doesn't understand why most surgeons don't. Wish me luck in my
>new attitude! Luv to all....
>hi kay

hang in there ive had 4 abdomenal surgerys in 2and 3/4 years for a blocked bowel do to adhesions. it really hurts i know ijust had my last one 5 weeks ago and before that. i could not eat any solids food for 8 weeks.the pain was unbeliveable. how are you doing now . kindly let me know.

i had my big surgery 12 years ago and that were all these adhesions are coming from. im 36 years old and it really takes its toll on you and your family. im just hoping that this surgery will hold out longer then 11 month.

hope to hear from you soon take care augusta >--

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