Mon Apr 17 20:08:36 2000

My first surgery was at Columbia Hospital/Dr. Rudolph Kluiber. My second was at Froedert Memorial/Dr. Mary Otterson. My obstructions usually clear themselves as you said. However, the last one went on for two days and I ended up in the hospital. I believe I have adhesions but since they don't show up on any kind of imaging it's hard to be certain. Thanks for your reply.

At Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Karla Nygren wrote: >
>Hi Jim,
>I have had a few bowel resections due to obstruction. I don't believe they
>were total obstructions. Since then I have had many occasions where I felt
>there was an obstruction and went for weeks without a bowel movement, but
>was told that there was no obstruction, but a narrowing. I believe that in
>the case of adhesions eventually the obstruction will break free. This is
>my opinion....and I am sure there are others who have had total
>Jim, I am from Wisconsin as well and have sought all my care in Milwaukee.
>If you don't mind would you please share where you received your care?
>Karla N.

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>> I had a small bowel resection for intestinal obstruction due to crohn's
>> disease in 1997.
>> In Mar 1999 I developed obstructive symptoms and had another resection.
>> Extensive adhesions were detected and repaired at that time, although
>> they had not caused any symptoms.
>> In Sep 99 I developed obstructive symptoms. A barium xray showed a
>> definite narrowing of the intestine at one point. However, xrays in Feb
>> 2000 showed no narrowing. Last week I had the most violent obstructive
>> attack I've ever had. My doctors suspect adhesions.
>> My question is: do obstructions due to adhesions in effect come and go,
>> or are they continuous? What do they look like on a xray?
>> --
>> Jim from Milwaukee

Jim from Milwaukee

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