Re: Hernias...questions and answers for those of you who have a hernia.

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Mon Apr 17 02:08:34 2000

Helen wrote: > Perhaps some of your questions about hernias will be answered at the website
> (below).
> What is a hernia?
> What does a hernia feel like?
> Why does a hernia hurt?
> Who gets hernias?
> Will my hernia go away?
> What can I do to feel better?
> Is surgery right for me?

I'm afraid that info shows just the face side of the moon. So, on that page are the following statements: > 5. Will my hernia go away?
> An untreated hernia will not get better on its own,
> although it may not get worse for months or even years.

and > 6. What can I do to feel better?
> Limiting activity or eliminating excess weight may provide
> temporary relief. Wearing a truss or binder has also offered
> temporary relief. The only cure, however, is surgery.

It's clear that above is just official medical point of view. I agree it's a bit simplified there but they don't give you any hope for non-surgical treatment. There are many types of hernia and not all of them are strongly recommended for operation actually. I guess the patient must know the real reasons of his hernia. Then he'll be able to handle that situation himself. However after the operation risk of new hernia still stands..

Igor Gudymenko

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