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Sun Apr 16 18:09:35 2000

At Fri, 14 Apr 2000, JIM wrote: >
>I had a small bowel resection for intestinal obstruction due to crohn's
>disease in 1997.
>In Mar 1999 I developed obstructive symptoms and had another resection.
>Extensive adhesions were detected and repaired at that time, although
>they had not caused any symptoms.
>In Sep 99 I developed obstructive symptoms. A barium xray showed a
>definite narrowing of the intestine at one point. However, xrays in Feb
>2000 showed no narrowing. Last week I had the most violent obstructive
>attack I've ever had. My doctors suspect adhesions.
>My question is: do obstructions due to adhesions in effect come and go,
>or are they continuous? What do they look like on a xray?

WHAT WERE YOUR SYPTOMS OF OBSTRUCTION, A FEW DAYS AGO i HAD THE SAME TROUbLE GOING, AND COULD NOT GET THE STOOL TO MOVE, OOPS, for two days I could not even touch the area in the pelvis especially on the right side, like I had it in feb, and it hurt so bad I cried for days, I could not move my body in any way, or touch it down there, without terrible pain. I started Ultram, and it helped alittle added to the oxycontin. My bowels are not moving again, sometimes after senekot,6 of them, and 2 colace, and they still do not move, the cramp and feeling is there, but I cannot get it out, and the pressure gets so strong I cannot stand it. What is that? Right now I have to think of father in law, and not my surgery. In 3 days, he has become like an altheimers patient, and it is so sad. We almost lost him 5 days ago, but now he is going to go home, his mind is BAD, but the boys want him at home. it will be rough we all have to help with him, but my husband wanted his mother to take him home. I do not know if the pain is worse for me due to all this going on. They are bringing a hospital bed for him, and we have to go over tonight to help get the other room ready. this has been hard! Again, what syptoms did you have being obstruced, my drs still think what the episodes I have is partial obstuctions, they are terribly painful!

Toni >--
>Jim from Milwaukee

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