From: Nancy (nanny@nbnet.nb.ca)
Tue Apr 11 20:41:21 2000

Since my last post about two weeks ago, things have gone downhill. The abdominal pains had started recurring. Today I had a follow-up with my GP, who read me the report from the gynecologist in Fredericton who did my lap on March 21st and found the adhesions. He was only able to lyse "some" of the adhesions due to the denseness of them and the involvement of the bowel and intestine and the fact that he was operating alone. So I guess now I settle in to waitfor another surgery appointment.

Hopefully this time I will be able to talk them into open abdominal surgery instead of lap, and convince them to use a barrier to prevent the adhesions reforming. Of course, here in Canada the doctors don't like prescribing pain killers if they don't absolutely have to, which prevents you becoming addicted to them, I suppose, but lessens the effectiveness of over-the-counter drugs.

Gee, I wonder if I can buy Ibuprofen wholesale from Wal-Mart????


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