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From: toni welsh (
Sat Apr 8 19:37:37 2000

At Sat, 8 Apr 2000, kay wrote: >
>Toni...I know that you are having a difficult time with your
>father-in-law and my prayers are with you. I have been to the pain
>clinic and have been put on Vioxx, Neurontin, and Lorcett Plus for pain
>. Well the Voixx does not work nor the Neurontin. I can take enough of
>the Lorcette and that is the only one that seems to work for me. Well,
>ifeel that the doctor thinks it is too much and I feel the same from his
>nurse. This puts me on a guilt trip and then there is the
>pharmacist..... I am so tired of this pain and the guilt from having to
>take narcotics. I was wondering what your pain doctor had you taking..
>does it work??? Do you feel guilty??? Help me...I need some advice and

I am taking 900 mgs Neurotin, 30-50 mgs Oxycontin, and 100 mgs Trazadone, and they just put me on Ultram in between for the rest of the pain. The meds do not help 100 percent at all, and at times I feel not quilty, but do not like taking the narcotic. It makes me VERY tired, and trazadone is the worst as far as sedating me, I take it and 10 minutes later I am asleep, and my husband can hardly wake meup to get off the sofa.

Right now I am so stressed out with the things with fate=her in law, and tonight when we left, he is still alive, and at times he seems to be doing not real bad, and when we left the hospital tonight I ran out, my mother in law told my husband he HAD to come and talk about the funeral before his brother went back to DC, and I lost it, my family is not like that, and it REALLY bothered me, I told my husband I will have to take a break from it, and stay home a couple days, and deal with this my way, and to try to take my mind off it all. My family has been thrgou so much as far as sickness, and I almost lost my 34 year old sister 3 years ago, she was very ill with her crohns, and she had a abcess, and it almost killed her, but when I try to talk about the hurts over the years I have had, his mother never wanted to listen, but right now I HAVE got to stay away from it. I am telling you it is making me sick, I lost mom 4 years ago in april 16th, and i am having difficulty dealing. Bit when you have so many problems, like the pain and stuff I have had over the last 2 years gotten worse, I guess I feel my husband does not have time for me now, and I have tried to stick with him the past week, and it is really making me sick, I have to think of me for just a couple days. I ahve not beem feeling real good. Right now I am going to take a coke and go soak in the tub, if you have any questions about the meds I am on, you can email me personally, I would love to talk, time is just hard to find, but I will do my best!

Love to all, Toni >

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