To Toni....

From: kay (
Sat Apr 8 13:10:34 2000

Toni...I know that you are having a difficult time with your father-in-law and my prayers are with you. I have been to the pain clinic and have been put on Vioxx, Neurontin, and Lorcett Plus for pain . Well the Voixx does not work nor the Neurontin. I can take enough of the Lorcette and that is the only one that seems to work for me. Well, ifeel that the doctor thinks it is too much and I feel the same from his nurse. This puts me on a guilt trip and then there is the pharmacist..... I am so tired of this pain and the guilt from having to take narcotics. I was wondering what your pain doctor had you taking.. does it work??? Do you feel guilty??? Help me...I need some advice and answers....please!


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