adhesions on sciatic nerve (causing numbness in left foot)

From: Joan G (
Fri Apr 7 14:54:12 2000

Does anyone have experience in the treatment of adhesions on the sciatic nerve? Part of my left foot has become numb, & my neurologist did a comprehsive EMG that showed that there is no nerve action (?) in my left foot. My right foot is normal. There are intermittent jolts of pain in my lower left back & the outside of my left foot. Almost 30 years ago, I had severe pain in my lower back (right side) & spasms in my right leg. No numbness. A London surgeon performed an exploratory & found massive adhesions trapping my sciatic nerve on the right side. He removed them & I was fine. I know that I grow adhesions & have had extensive abdominal ones removed. Since then I have investigated alternative medicine & learned techniques for dealing with pain. At one point I stayed at a pain clinic operated by Dartmouth. I have become good at coping with pain, but the actual physical problems are another story. A pelvic CAT scan shows evidence of the left-body sciatic adhesions, but I am reluctant to undergo surgery if there are other ways to treat this problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

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