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Thu Apr 6 02:11:23 2000

Dear Helen and all

Check it out! Karla and Bev PERSONALLY CREATED an eCard just for you. Their picture, their voice and their written words!

Here's a sample of the words...

Hi....from Chicago! Having fun at the Navy Pier! Wish everyone of you were here! Karla and Bev

P.S. To see and hear the whole eCard, you need to click on this link...

http://www.postcardsexpress.com/sites/navyp3/Xf1024YH.htm (For AOL: Write down the URL and enter it in the browser window.)

You might notice the date is wrong. We had a problem with the Y2K bug. We have new software due out in 30 days. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks! Hope you like it!

Karla and Bev

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