From: Karla Nygren (
Wed Apr 5 22:23:22 2000

Just wanted everyone to know that the trip down to Chicago was a huge success. The doctor was extremely impressive and has agreed to do my surgery. I have to fly down here again next week to meet with the urologist since he was out of town till next week. The doctor's exact words when he asked me how old I was were "you shouldn't have to live with this should be able to have a life!" Thank the Lord!!!!!!!!! He even mentioned adhesions as a he is aware.....this is not a place you would go to for adhesions....but if you need to find a doctor for another problem I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it! The people were sooooooo friendly.

Bev and I will be partying tonite for the hot chocolate and popcorn ready as we lay here too tired to go out.

More when we get back!

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