ADHESIONS QUILT: To update...or...erase information from your story....

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Apr 5 13:22:14 2000

To erase information from your story:

1.) Click: ADHESIONS QUILT at the top of this webpage.

2.) To easily find your name, scroll down to the bottom.

3.) Click: " last name."

4.) To locate your name: scroll down to your name and click: your name

5.) Click: "Edit My Story" ( to the right ).

6.) Enter your " Password " ( NOT your email address ). Your " Password " (ONLY the information before @ )

7.) Click: " Submit."

8.) Read information and fill in the blanks.

9.) If you do not want to be on the " " mailing list, remember to click the box to the that the box does not have a checkmark.

10.) Click: " Submit."

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Returns per screen: Require all keywords: