ADHESIONS QUILT: How to locate another person's story...

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Apr 5 12:48:21 2000

ADHESIONS QUILT: How to locate another person's story:

1.)click: ADHESIONS QUILT (at the top of this web page)

2.)scroll all the way down to the bottom.

3.)You can locate another person's ADHESIONS QUILT story by choosing and clicking one of the following:

a.) last name = last name of each person.

b.) location = where each person lives.

c.) years = number of years "before" each person's adhesions were diagnosed.

d.) date created = to locate the most recent story.

[After clicking one of the above (a through d), this will automatically take you to the top of the ADHESIONS QUILT webpage.]

5.) search for the name of the person, whose story you would like to read.

6.) click: the person's name to view their ADHESIONS QUILT story.

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