How to access the Archives....

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Apr 5 12:07:54 2000


1.) Select and click: the month you want to view at the following website:

2.) At the top of this webpage there is a blue bar, which says: POST A NEW MESSAGE TO THE FORUM. Just under this bar are the words: Messages sorted by: thread - subject - author.

3.) Click: "author"...or..."subject"

4.) Scroll down to the "author" the "subject" of your search.

To access the information in the Archives for other months, you need to return to the website in step 1 (above). Click the month you want to view and go through the same procedure as in steps 2-4 (above).

I encourage you to make use of the International Adhesions Society Archives!! There is alot of important information stored there...including information from the very first Message Board messages (April 1999) to the current month.

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